Then & Now: How the MQG Changed Jacquie Gering's Life

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For this spotlight we celebrate Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Co-Founder and MQG Advisory Board Member, Jacquie Gering. She says she is a quilter because of the MQG, and the guild has changed her life, however we want to thank her for her support and dedication to working with people across the world to continue growing the modern quilting community.

How/why did you become a modern quilter?

My aesthetic has always been modern.  I discovered quilting and modern quilting at about the same time.  I loved what I saw from the very beginning and so I took a deep dive into learning about modern quilting and quilters and spent years exploring who I wanted to be as a modern quilter.

The photo is the sign we laughingly call the international symbol of modern quilting…it was directing guild members to our summer party at my house

Why did you decide to start your own chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild?

I was jealous of Latifah and Alissa when they started the LA MQG group and when I complained in an email, Alissa quipped back at me to get on it and start my own.  Even though we had “known” each other online through our blogs, Shea Henderson and I discovered that we lived in the same city and Shea was the catalyst for motivating me to follow Alissa’s suggestion.  Shea and I, with a team of great folks worked together to start the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.

One of the Kansas City MQG's Sewing Saturdays

What’s your favorite part about being a part of the MQG?

I’m not a very good guild member anymore because of my travel schedule. It’s really hard for me to get to meetings. I will say that it is the people that make a guild. I have lifelong friends who understand my passion for quilting and before guild, I didn’t even have a friend who knew what a sewing machine was. When I moved to Chicago, I was a bit lost and lonely in a big city, not knowing a soul. The Chicago MQG folks reached out to me and helped me learn the city, how to navigate the bus and train, where to find the best pizza and most importantly helped me find a place in the guild and make new friends. 

Modern quilt made by Jacquie called Geared Up

How has modern quilting and the MQG impacted your life?

I’m not sure I can answer this question except to say, the MQG has changed my life. I am a quilter because of the MQG. It was through the MQG that I found my quilting friends, colleagues and a group within the quilting community who are interested in what I love. Being involved on the local, national and international level I have learned how to be both a better leader and a better person. I have learned hard lessons and have worked with many other dedicated people across the world to start a movement, to build an organization and to grow the quilting community. I am proud of my role in that work and especially proud that more people are quilting and the community in general is growing and is more active than it was when I joined. 


Images  by Jacquie Gering

Featured image: The KCMQG at our organizational meeting when the guild was started.