Fresh Quilting Series 200

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Fresh Quilting Episode 201: More Than Piecing

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Combining Piecing & Appliqué with Anna Maria Horner
Lazy Eights with Christina Cameli
Adding Piecing Interest to Blocks with Sarah Sharp

Expand basic piecing techniques. Author and designer Anna Maria Horner shares ideas for combining piecing with applique techniques. Free-motion quilting artist Christina Cameli stitches Lazy Eights. Textile artist Sarah Sharp adds interest and color to solid blocks with pieced strips.


Fresh Quilting Episode 202: Designing Fabric

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Digital Printed Fabric with Leslie Jenison
Group Quilt Projects with Karen Womack
Making Fabric with Embroidery with Miriam Coffey

Create your own fabric with today’s technology. Quilt artist and blogger Leslie Tucker Jenison uses her computer to draw and print custom fabric. Designer Karen Womack share ideas for group quilting projects in your community. Sewing educator and quilter Miriam Coffey uses machine embroidery to design and embellish her own fabric.


Fresh Quilting Episode 203: Mix It Up

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Design Remix by Riane Menardi
Walking Foot Spiral by Christina Cameli
Quarter Square Triangles by Yvonne Fuchs

Mix things up with new shapes, colors and stitches. Modern quilter Riane Menardi modifies traditional blocks by changing colors and placement. Free motion quilt artist Christina Cameli uses the walking foot to create spirals. Using her engineering background, quilt designer Yvonne Fuchs creates beautiful quilts with quarter square triangles.

Fresh Quilting Episode 204: Design As You Go

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Design as you go Improv with Anne Sullivan
Hand Sew Happy Hours with Violet Craft
Quilt Doodling by Samarra Khaja

Seize creative opportunities that pop up along the way. Color enthusiast Anne Sullivan shares design principles that inspire her improv quilts. Get ideas for hosting a hand-sewing happy hour. Quilt artist Samarra Khaja adds a whimsical touch to a fun family game using thread sketching.

Fresh Quilting Episode 205: Finding Precision

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Foundation Piecing by Violet Craft
Matching Binding to Piecing by Sylvia Schaefer

Precision is key to creating stunning quilts. Violet Craft puts her technology experience to work as she builds quilts using foundation piecing.  Marine scientist and quilter Sylvia Schaefer finishes off her quilts with multi-colored binding that perfectly matches the piecing in the quilt.

Episode 206: Transparency and Big Stitch

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Transparency Design by Yvonne Fuchs
Charity by Carole Lyles Shaw
Combining Hand & Machine Quilting by Riane Menardi

For special effects, look through the design or use big stitches. Aviator and quiltmaker Yvonne Fuchs uses transparency as a design element. Learn to work with a virtual quilt group to create a quilt for charity. Modern quilter Riane Menardi combines hand quilting with machine quilting to create high-contrast designs with depth, texture and movement.

Episode 207: Pacific Inspirations

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Tokyo Trends by Luana Rubin
Grid Based Designs by Christina Cameli
Hawaiian Applique/Paper Folding by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

Look across the Pacific Ocean for inspiration. Artist and world traveler Luana Rubin shares quilts from the Tokyo Quilt Festival and discusses global fabric and color trends. Free motion quilt artist Christina Cameli uses a walking foot and free motion stitches to make grid-based designs. Graphic artist and quilter Sheri Cifaldi-Morill appliqués traditional Hawaiian motifs with a modern twist.

Episode 208: Sewing Creatures

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Fish Faces by Samarra Khaja
Leading Your Local Guild by Karen Womack
English Paper Piecing by Violet Craft

Celebrate the creatures of the land and sea. Whimsical quilt artist Samarra Khaja combines colorful shapes to create cute fish faces. Karen Womack shares tips on leading a local quilt guild. Blogger and designer Violet Craft sews a regal lion using English paper piecing.

Episode 209: Surface Design

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Piecing with Embroidered fabric with Miriam Coffey
Topographic Spiral with Christina Cameli
Block Printing by Krista Fleckenstein

Design on the surface with textures and colors. Sewing educator and modern quilter Miriam Coffey pieces embroidered fabric along with solids to create new looks for accessories and home dec. Free motion quilt artist Christina Cameli stitches topographical spirals. Blogger and quilter Krista Fleckenstein carves custom blocks and prints custom fabric.

Episode 210: Impeccable Piecing

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Fussy Cutting for Impact by Sarah Sharp
FMQ Ruler by Christina Cameli
Freeze Paper Piecing by Nicole Neblett

Make compelling modern quilts with impeccable piecing. Textile artist Sarah Sharp accentuates design elements by fussy cutting paper piecing motifs. Christina Cameli stitches free motion motifs using rulers. Color expert Nicole Neblett expands foundation piecing to a new level as she makes large scale designs.

Episode 211: Using Mixed Media

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Mixed Media Applique by Krista Fleckenstein
Promoting to the Press by Riane Menardi
Repeating Waves by Christina Cameli

Mix fabrics, colors and prints to make a modern statement. Krista Fleckenstein makes mixed media applique with die cut shapes of wool, leather, felt and linen. Modern quilter Riane Menardi shares ideas for promoting your guild through local media. Christina Cameli mixes rulers with free motion stitches to accurately stitch a variety of motifs.

Episode 212: Minimalism and Improv

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Designing Minimalist Quilts by Nicole Neblett
International Travel by Luana Rubin
Curved Improv by Leslie Jenison

Less is often so much more. Minimalist quilt designer Nicole Neblett designs with negative space to achieve the modern aesthetic. Designer Luana Rubin shares inspirations from her world travels and lasting connections with quilters around the globe. Improv quilt artist Leslie Tucker Jenison cuts, pieces and sews curves without a ruler to create dynamic designs.

Episode 213: Go Free Form

Full Episode
Deconstructed Blocks by Sylvia Schaefer
Free-Motion Point to Point Curves Using Rulers by Christina Cameli
Free Form Applique by Anna Maria Horner

Be daring and explore free form quilting. Contemporary quilt artist Sylvia Schaefer deconstructs traditional designs and makes them explode into new motifs. Blogger and teacher Christina Cameli shares ideas for making arcs in free-motion quilting. Designer Anna Maria Horner throws the rules out the window with free-form applique techniques to make bouquet quilts.