Wedge Quilts go Modern

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Go beyond the dresden! Modern quilting is ready for some wedge magic. Join Christina Cameli for an inspiring webinar designed to get you as excited about wedge quilts as she is. See how one simple shape gives you potential for unending dynamic quilt designs. Learn how to choose the right wedge and get tips for designing, cutting, piecing and finishing. Christina has prepared the tools you'll need to start your own wedge quilt adventure and will share them during the webinar.

Christina Cameli has been quilting for more than a decade, starting with a box of her grandmother’s fabric scraps. She now teaches, designs patterns, and writes books to share her love of quilting, especially freemotion quilting. Christina is the author of the books “First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting” and “Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting.” She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon where she works as a nurse-midwife. Christina writes the quilting blog A Few Scraps and is a member and past-president of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild


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