Two Color Quilt Challenge

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The American Patchwork & Quilting Two-Color Quilt Challenge is open! For this challenge, participants are asked to create quilts with only two colors. But what exactly includes TWO colors only?

Official category description: 
Eligible quilts must use only two colors in their construction. Prints may be used as long as they consist of ONLY two colors. Thread color and binding needs to match the two colors in the quilt. Backing can be any color.

  • Solids used with prints must match one of the colors in the print for a total of two colors.
  • Tone-on-tone patterns count as two colors.
  • Shades of the same color count as two colors.
  • Neutrals (white, gray, black, etc.) each count as one color.

Here are some example fabric pulls to help clarify what counts.


Any combination of TWO solid fabrics are eligible for the category. Two shades or tones of a solid count as two colors.

This tone-on-tone palette of solids counts as two colors.


Any number of prints are acceptable as long as there are only two colors total in all the prints.

Even though there are four different prints, there are still only two colors represented in this pull.

Tone-on-Tone Prints

Tone on tones count as two colors. You can use tone-on-tones along with solids as long as one of the solids matches one of the tones.

This fabric has two colors, and could be paired with a blue or navy solid that matches one of the tones exactly.

The tone-on-tone fabric with white creates a three-color palette.

Hand Dyed Fabric

Hand dyed fabric is okay as long as there are only two colors. 

The fabric above has only two colors — light blue and white. It could be paired with another light blue or white solid.

The rust-dyed fabric above has more than two colors in it, and it does not match the blue and white. This pull has more than two colors. 

Prints + Solids

Prints and solids can be used together as long as together they only feature two colors. 

This pull is eligible for the two-color challenge because the only two colors used are black and white. 


Each neutral counts as one unique color, including: white, off-white, beige, taupe, black, gray, etc.

This fabric is eligible for the challenge because there are only two colors — white and gray. Note that the solid white fabric matches the white in the print.

Shot Cottons

Shot cottons should be used at your discretion. Some shot cottons read as two colors, and some read as one color. If the fabric reads as one color at a distance (5 feet, for instance), it counts as one color. 

The shot cottons above could be eligible for the challenge if used together because they read as a solid color at a distance.


Quilting thread should match one or both of the two colors in the two-color palette.

This quilting thread works because it matches the black-and-white color palette.


If you have questions about what qualifies for the challenge, please email us at! We're happy to help.