Tips to Running a Successful Quilt Along

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Thanks to the MQG for asking me to come over and host today’s post on participation. I’m Katy and I blog over at Monkey Do and also Fat Quarterly.

Ok, so I really enjoy quilt alongs. They’re a great way to get involved with a group of like minded people and to share hints, and help on making a quilt.

When I first bought the Swoon quilt pattern I knew I would need a kick in the butt to get going, and there is no better way than a quilt along. I had hoped there would be 10 or 20 people join in with me – but the group just exploded, it was crazy! I guess a lot of people were needing that butt kick like me!

There are currently over 900 members in the flickr group, some of the members are still making the swoon quilt, and others have moved on to 2 different Thimbleblossoms quilt patterns (on a whim and hopscotch).

For me there are a few golden rules in hosting a quilt along and although they might seem obvious, it’s easy to forget them.

Make the quilt.
I know that seems ridiculous but it needs saying. If you don’t make it, how can you impart any wisdom or advice?


Be involved.
Comment on the pictures in your flickr group, take part in the group discussions. Check your group daily. At least once. We’re all busy people, but finish what you started with the same gusto as when you started it.


Be gracious.
The people that are quilting along with you don’t have to do it, so be gracious to them and make them feel welcome. I’ll say it again – comment on their photos, answer their questions (this is really key in my opinion).


Be friendly.
You’re not running a corporate team build session, you’re hosting a quilt along. Don’t be too straitlaced and professional about it, chill out, relax a little, share your mistakes (and if you say you don’t make them – you’re either lying or not human!), have a laugh (especially at yourself).

And that’s about it. I guess you only get out what you put in (now I sound like my mother!) whether you are the host of the quilt along or one of the members of the group. If you haven’t joined in with a quilt along before then give it a go – they can be wonderful experiences and a fantastic way to make something that you might have found tricky without a helping hand.

You can join in with the swooning on a hop along (catchy name, huh?!) at our flickr group – there is no start or stop date, it’s jump in whenever and go at your own pace. We’d love to have you!