Then & Now: Making Friends through the DC Modern Quilt Guild

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In this spotlight, we celebrate Natalie Hardin, founder of the DC Modern Quilt Guild which she started ten years ago. She shares with us why became a member and what it means to be a part of the MQG, plus special images of her guild and quilts from then and now!

How/why did you become a modern quilter?

I became a modern quilter, in short, because I really enjoyed sewing and there weren't any hard-pressed rules to follow. The bright colors and playful nature of the modern sewing world was a huge draw for me. The improve nature was the creative outlet that was very much appreciated especially because I had just graduated college and was in my first year of teaching. I didn't need something else to stress me out. I was able to create pretty and useful things without worrying of exact measurements which would have only stressed me out more at the time. 

Why did you decide to start your own chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild?

I was just interested in finding like-minded people near me. I thought it would be fun to talk fabric and patterns with others who knew what I was talking about. Up until the first meeting I hadn't met anyone young individuals (at the time I was in my 20's) who were into sewing.

What’s your favorite part about being a part of the MQG?

I have loved the friendships I have made by being a part of the group. I wouldn't have met any of them if it weren't for the group and they really have become some of my closest friends. They have seen my family grow (and sewn some wonderful things for my kids), given me countless advice (both fabric-related and life-related) and are overall wonderful people. Our whole group is filled with such generous and fun people!

How has modern quilting and the MQG impacted your life?

The biggest impact I would really have to say is the friendships I have made. 


Images by Natalie Hardin

1.  This image was taken at our fall retreat in September 2019 at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center. The Guild is much larger, but this shows what a great time we had! 

2. Natalie Hardin

3. This is modern quilt was made by the Guild for the QuiltCon 2016 charity events. I love this quilt so much as it highlights all of groups’ talents.

4. This was made solely by me in 2016.

5. This is our first sew in meeting we started in January 2010 and all of our meetings have been sewing meetings.