Take the Leap: Facing Your Fears of Improv

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Improv piecing is like standing on a cliff with a clear, deep, pool below. Some of us can’t wait to make the leap, and others are so terrified that we quietly walk back down the way we came. The majority of us are somewhere in between. This webinar by improv expert and quilt teacher Cheryl Arkison will help every single one of us make the leap. It is more about changing our approach to improv and making the first steps towards the edge of the cliff than leaping blindly.

Back when Cheryl Arkison started quilting, it was practically unheard of for a 23-year-old to do so, but there she was. Now, 20 years later she hasn't stopped. In addition to her own creative work, mostly in improvisational piecing, Cheryl loves to teach, write books and articles, spread the gospel of improv, and design quilts. Every now and then she makes a garment (her Grade 8 Home Ec Teacher would be proud).