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Starting Your Guild

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At the core of the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) are our guilds and our mission. Our guilds and individual members make up our 15,000-person membership. We are thrilled that your new guild wants to join us.

In this section we have made every effort to walk you through the steps to get started as an MQG local guild. Some information is strictly for U.S.-based guilds, some is for international guilds, but most information applies to all guilds looking to become an affiliate member of the MQG. Welcome!



A guild is a group of people associated around a common interest, goal, or mission. Craft guilds were around in medieval times when groups of skilled craftsmen of the same trade came together to set standards and teach others their skill.

Our guilds are organized in many different structures and operate as independent entities with their own bylaws, officers, budgets, and goals, but at the heart of many of our guilds is a regular in-person meeting where members share inspiration, skill building, and quilting time.

Membership with the MQG means that a local guild becomes formally affiliated with the trademarked name and the network of other MQGs around the world. All members of local guilds are also conferred membership into the worldwide MQG.



In order to give new guilds time to organize, gather a dedicated group of modern quilters, and to complete the required administrative work, the MQG developed a Starter Guild tier of membership. The distinctions between a Starter Guild and formal paid guild membership are described below:





To create your new guild as an entity on the MQG database, start by setting up an email address specifically for your guild with an online email provider. (Example:,, etc.) Then, go to the MQG website and use the Sign Up A New Guild button.

Now, you’ll want to use the New User section with the email address you’ve established for your guild. Enter that address and click “Register.” Then, you’ll be prompted to set a password. (Be aware that the account you are creating will be the account you use to log in and manage your guild as a guild officer as well!)

After you set your password, you’ll need to choose your guild tier. Note that if you are a guild based outside the United States, you should choose “Non-U.S.” as the pricing is different. Then, choose the member tier that applies to your new guild.

After that, the price will appear along with a field to enter your guild’s name and the date established. Next, a window will appear for you to enter an “Individual Name.” This is YOUR name, and it will create your profile linked to the guild membership you are starting.

After you enter yourself, you can enter your initial members. You must have their email addresses and names. When you’ve entered all the members (you can also do this later, so it isn’t required to enter them all at this step) click NEXT. Here, please enter the mailing address for your guild along with any social media information.

Next, you’ll be taken to a summary screen. You’ll see the type of guild you’re starting, the membership cost, the name, your information, etc. After you click NEXT here, you’ll be taken to a payment screen. Please enter your credit/debit card information.

Congratulations! You have a new guild in the database. You are logged in and can start looking around. Your login credentials are YOUR email address (not the guild’s) and the password you established when registering your guild.





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