Start a Birthday Club with your guild!

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A birthday club is a great way to build your guild’s community and introduce people to each other.

Guild members sign up for the year saying they want to be part of the birthday club. It’s great to do it in groups of twelve, so that it doesn’t get too cost prohibitive for members.

You’ll need one leader from your guild to collect all the information and birthday baskets, reorganize fabric and distribute at each meeting to birthday club participants.

When asking for members to sign up, collect the following info:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birthday date (month/day, skip the year)
  • Colors desired
  • Types of fabric desired (solids, prints, etc)
  • Colors and fabrics disliked

Once all the info is collected, it is shared with the other participants of birthday club. Participants can use fat quarters from their stash or purchase fabrics. To ensure the fabric gets to the right person, they should put it in a labeled zip lock bag or envelope with the recipient’s name. Turn in all your fabric in a basket or box with your name on it. When it’s your month, all of your fabric will come to you in your basket or box.

Be sure to set deadlines for when information needs to be submitted and when participants must turn in their basket/box by.