Speakers, Teachers & Sewlebrities; Finding & Contracting Quilting Talent

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Want to attract sewlebrities to your next guild meeting? Bringing talent to your area often includes looking right at home for local and regional speakers and teachers. In this webinar, Kristy Daum will share ideas for networking and connecting with talent, other guilds and your local network of shops to attract workshops and speakers. She'll also discuss details of negotiating a contract to ensure everyone’s needs are met, as well as budget concerns and costs. Finally, she'll share info on managing the actual event, from equipment to facilities to travel logistics.

Kristy wants to live in a world where quilts are touched by child's hands and dirtied by sun-kissed grass; because to her it means that they are well-loved. Her work has been featured in several magazines and on countless blogs, taking social media by storm with her pixelated quilts The Tenth, and Holy Sh*t Sherlock. She is the Founder & President of the St. Louis MQG, where she shares her love of modern quilting with others. When she’s not playing with fabric scraps, you can find her watching Doctor Who or renovating her century-old farmhouse. Kristy Daum is also founder and president of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild in St. Louis, Missouri. Discover more at stlouisfolkvictorian.blogspot.com

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