Smubble, February 2015

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The idea for this quilt came from artwork by Luli Sanchez. Now that I look back on the piece, it doesn't look much like it at all.

I named it Smubble for my own childish self-indulgence. Several years ago, my son was about 6 or 7 and he was fascinated with swear words. He was asking me to tell him all the swear words that existed. What a perfect chance to mess with him! I acted like I was telling him a big secret, and whispered, "Smubble" in his ear. He reverently said he had never heard it. I said it was because it's so bad you almost never hear anyone say it. I told him that this was just between the two of us and he was never to tell his little sister. He told her within 24 hours. Over the years my husband and I have thrown in a fake "Smubble!" curse every once in a while, and then acted all embarrassed and apologized to the kids. All of this is to say that our 11- and 8-year old kids still believe us that "Smubble" is the biggest, baddest curse word around and I think it's funny to name a quilt a swear word, because I'm just that immature.

Rebecca is co-president of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild. She does not have a blog or website, yet still manages to waste loads of time online. She loves dense quilting, solids and linen. She hates hand-sewing and writing bios about herself.

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