Signal Quilt: May 2020

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This quilt is traditionally pieced and is appropriate for a confident beginner. It subtly introduces transparency through the use of a light, medium and dark color structure. There’s an interesting symmetry and asymmetry relationship developed in this quilt. While the bars in the top set are symmetrical to the set at the bottom (the bottom is flipped upside down), there’s asymmetry in how each row of bars are laid out. There is also a lot of negative space to play with during the quilting phase. Quilters of all skill levels who are new to modern quilting will enjoy exploring several modern quilt principles, while experienced modern quilters can use this opportunity to work on piecing accuracy or quilting extensive negative space.


Jessica Plunkett is a quilter, pattern designer, lecturer and teacher from Des Moines, Iowa. After a middle school home economics teacher told her that her embroidery project looked weird and that it wasn’t really an activity for her to pursue, Jessica’s creative outlets took the form of writing and running for 20 years. Inspired by her late great-grandmother, Jessica finally took up quilting in her early 30s, as a way to express herself creatively in a visual format. Jessica’s greatest quilting joys have come from making quilts for all of her family, including special projects for her husband, daughter and for her grandmother, who was dying from ALS at the time the quilt was gifted. When she’s not in her studio, you can find Jessica running around after her daughter or running in races. She has completed 19 half marathons. Find her on Instagram at maeberrysquare.