Road to Pasadena, January 2015

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Road to Pasadena was inspired by the Arroyo Seco Parkway, the first freeway in LA. It runs between downtown LA and Pasadena, and it's VERY curvy. 

As a member of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild, Kendra Nitta often finds herself traveling the curvy road to Pasadena.  She has an ever-growing collection of vintage Singer sewing machines, which she uses for all her quilts, including the sample in the photo. Kendra also designs handknits and her work has been featured in numerous books and magazines, most recently Knitting Wizardry and Stitching in the Stacks.  Follow along with all of her sewing and knitting adventures at and @missknitta.

Copyright © 2015 by Kendra Nitta. Used with permission by the Modern Quilt Guild. All rights reserved. This pattern or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, sold, commercialized or distributed in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Kendra Nitta.