Quilting Makes the Quilt Tips for Picking Out Quilting Designs

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Have you ever finished a quilt top and put it away because you weren't sure what quilting designs you should use? In this webinar, Angela Walters, a quilt finisher and encourager, gives you tips and ideas for picking quilting designs to enhance the quilt top. With her "close enough is good enough" approach to machine quilting, she will share pictures of some of the quilts that she has completed and why she used the quilting designs that she did. The answers just might surprise you!

Angela is a quilter, teacher and the author of several books including, "Free-motion Quilting with Angela Walters" and "Shape By Shape Quilting" Her quilting career began over 10 years ago at the side of her husband's grandfather and together they made her first quilt, a nine-patch that is still on her bed today. Thousands of swirls, feathers and parallel lines later, she has turned her love of stitches and fabric into a thriving business focused on encouraging other quilters to love machine quilting as much as she does. She lives on the outskirts of Kansas City with her husband, three children and many, many quilts. Learn more about her and her love of quilting on her website