QuiltCon 2018 Award Winners

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Congratulations to the 2018 QuiltCon winners!

Main Winners

Best in Show

71 Going Up

52” x 64”

Pieced and quilted by Stephanie Skardal, Individual member

Clemmons, NC

Inspired to create unexpected shapes with negative space in traditional (but large) log cabin blocks, "Going Up" mixes the hard of high contrast and graphic lines with the organic look of essex linen and straight-line quilting. This original design was created in Photoshop and machine quilted on a domestic machine.

Quilting Excellence

1337 Ribbon Quilt

105” x 105”

Pieced by Sarah Bond, Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Carol Heisler

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Ribbon Quilt is a color study and a challenge to myself. Like most quilters, I tend to gravitate towards the same color groups over and over again. My challenge here was to use every color in the fabric line at the time. Despite the amount of piecing involved, I pieced this quilt top in about six weeks. Sometimes you make the quilt. Sometimes the quilt makes you. Cotton.

Best Machine Quilting-Framed

581 All the Best Parties

74” x 83”

Pieced and quilted by Susan Kyle, Individual member

Toronto, ON

It is the morning after. The evidence of a great party covers your white tablecloth. The rings left by glasses of wine and beer, as well as cups of coffee and tea, are a happy reminder of a great party with lively conversation. My post-party tablecloth inspired the design of this free-motion, whole-cloth quilt.

Best Machine Quilting-Frameless

571 Happy Dance

65.5” x 71”

Pieced and quilted by Sandra Kaye, Individual member

Jacksonville, Florida

This quilt is made up of 600) 1 1/2 " pluses. I am very new to the improve movement...and this quilt started last Quiltcon 2017 as a mini for my swap partner. I made her a mini with the first set of pluses and green background for my very first attempt at improve piecing...My Partner really loved her mini, and I enjoyed the process so much I never stopped making the pluses. So, here we are at Quiltcon 2018 and I have 600 pluses!!! This quilt just makes me very HAPPY. I really enjoy improve piecing now...I'm totally hooked.

Judge's Choice- Beverly

352 "Nests and Vessels #1: The House Protects the Dreamer"

78” x 69.5”

Pieced by Leslie Tucker Jenison, San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Joanna Marsh

San Antonio, TX

My quilt explores the meaning of home and safety, both on a very personal and broader scale. Improvisationally cut with a rotary cutter, machine-pieced, longarm quilted.

Judge's Choice- Tara

834 Blue Jean Butterflies

60” x 92”

Pieced and quilted by Charlotte Noll, South Florida Modern Quilt Guild

Lauderhill, FL

Original design: YES

Designed and created for 2017 Sherri Lynn Wood and South Florida Modern Quilt Guild Make Do Quilt Challenge.

Machine pieced using denim from my college years and son's high school castoffs. Legs are perfect for long diagonal strips.

Butterflies improv pieced with scraps of Moda Ombre.

Hand Big Stitch quilted using #5 Artfabrik hand-dyed variegated thread. Improv butterflies quilted flying every which way reminds me of visit to Santa Cruz Natural Bridges Butterfly Preserve.

Wide binding pieced with denim and Ombre fabrics. Wider on the back so big stitch stitched closed from the front. Back pieced using butterfly theme.

Judge's Choice- Melanie

1226 Hard to Handle

76” x 99”

Pieced and quilted by Daisy Aschehoug, Individual member

Oslo, Norway

I intended the design to resemble geometric rose stems, or something pretty that's difficult to hold. For me, the analogy is about a sense of place and belonging, but I hope viewers think about their own complicated relationships.


Category Winners

American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese Challenge Quilt Challenge-1st Place


54” x 68”

Pieced and quilted by Mary Keasler, Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild

Chattanooga, TN

Using neutral scrapes, I created improvisational blocks interspersed with the traditional flying geese strips. I drew my pattern for the geese to be paper pieced. In quilting this piece, added more flying geese strips in the neutral background to add even more motion.

American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese Challenge Quilt Challenge-2nd Place

368 Northern Obsession

56” x 70”

Pieced and quilted by Christine Perrigo, Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild

Erie, CO

This quilt was designed as a proof of concept, a test, demonstrating that a limited but balanced mixture of reds and off-whites could create a rich, complex composition. The opposition play of essentially two colors accentuates its minimalist tendencies without being simple. The matchstick quilting, not only adds additional texture, but the considered use of different colored threads causes the subtle color variations in both the fabric and the threads to shine.

American Patchwork & Quilting Flying Geese Challenge Quilt Challenge-3rd Place

1254 Finding Home

51” x 55”

Pieced and quilted by Colleen McFarlin, Charleston Modern Quilt Guild

Mount Pleasant, SC

Throughout my life, in different seasons, I have moved, tried new jobs, and allowed myself to explore. In the end, I always find out more about myself. Home isn't an exact location, not a childhood home or state- it's where my family is, where my memories reside, and where I feel the most complete. This quilt combined my two favorite traditional techniques that all point to this narrative. I played with different fabrics, ranging from waffle weave to double gauze to give detail and different quilting techniques to show who I am as a maker, a daughter, and a woman.

Applique-1st Place

879 Canterbury #2

38” x 38”

Pieced and quilted by Debbie Grifka, Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild

Ann Arbor, MI

The stunning beauty and grace of gothic architecture never fails to inspire me. This quilt is based on a picture of a corridor near the cloisters in Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury, England). Eliminating everything except the bare bones of the architecture keeps the focus on the hallway itself as it draws you to follow deeper into the cathedral. Restricting the color palette to black and white avoids the distraction of color and keeps the attention on the architectural lines. The quilting further separates the path forward from the beautiful, airy space around it.

Applique- 2nd Place

148 Black, Brown, and White in Orange

78” x 78”

Pieced and quilted by Karen Maple, Individual member

Portola Valley, CA

The United States incarcerates 3.5X times the number of people than European countries. African-Americans and Hispanics have much higher imprisonment rates than whites in the U.S. Regardless of color or economic background, many prisoners are forgotten by society and spend countless hours alone in their cells with nothing to do. How would you spend your years in prison in orange garb?

Applique- 3rd Place

147 Fauchet

62” x 61”

Pieced by Virginia Robinson, Triangle Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Suzan deSerres

Chapel Hill, NC

My great aunt Lizzie had a granny square afghan at her house. Honestly, when I was a little kid, I thought it was pretty ugly. Why would anyone spend so much time making something that looked like that?? But I was in awe of her having made it with her hands. I wanted to honor the handmade-ness of that afghan, but in a quilt top, since I still have absolutely no idea how to crochet. Because I better understand why someone would spend time making something that kept another warm, even if it wasn't the prettiest thing.

Group or Bee Quilts- 1st Place

951 The Here & Elsewhere Bee

117” x 114”

Pieced by Andrea Tsang Jackson, Maritime Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Sheri Lund of Violet Quilts

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Here and Elsewhere Bee compiles 1,197 immigration stories. The project is a collaborative quilt, inspired by the children's storybook Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt by American-born writer Barbara Smucker. Each of the blocks was completed by a visitor to the Canadian Museum of Immigration, representing a bit of each visitor's immigration narrative. The blocks are grouped by thematic "trees" — family, love, freedom and diversity, cultural references, hopes and dreams, nature, agriculture and work, and oceanic journeys. The quilt's overall organization illustrates how, although each of our stories are unique, there are strong threads that tie them together.

Group or Bee Quilts- 2nd Place

1077 Reflections

67” x 58”

Pieced and quilted by Karen Foster, South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild

Capitola, CA

Using a palette inspired by an '80's surf contest poster and the picturesque Venetians of Capitola Village, my BeeSewcial mates created improv blocks in solid that I puzzled together to make "Reflections". I asked them to focus on these elements: The relationship of colors and/or shapes within the block. A change of value or scale from top to bottom or side to side. An exaggeration or distortion that the word evokes. Although intimidated by the desire to preserve their individual beauty, I enjoyed the assembly process using the same design elements of the prompt to painstakingly determine a final composition.

Group or Bee Quilts- 3rd Place

508 Prairie Silk

89” x 90”

Pieced by Agnes Stadler, Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Ann Solinski, Debbie Wanzer, Elizabeth Richards, Katie Cox

Edmond, Oklahoma

We're five diverse quilters—different ages, sewing skills, countries and states of origin—brought together to celebrate making a quilt as distinctive as we are.

Inspired by two modern quilters, Luke Haynes, and the Brazilian Airton Spengler, this modern interpretation of log cabin blocks grew into abstract corn stalks marking the spot we call home—America's Heartland.

Different stalk heights track passages in our creative lives' journeys. Golden ties float like prairie silk on the front representing joys we readily share with the world. More abundant white ties on the back detail hardships and sorrows held more closely to the heart.

Group or Bee Quilts- 4th Place

871 Fractured Reality

70” x 86”

Pieced by Mary Elizabeth Kinch, Individual member

Quilted by Lynn Carson Harris

Easton, PA

The setting of the improvisational patchwork in this quilt created a pattern characteristic of a fractured mirror. This representation is full of meaning about what is happening in our society today and is a call to look at ourselves, our part, and to ask what we can do to make a positive difference in our world.

Future proceeds from this quilt will go to the ACLU.

Handwork- 1st Place

416 Blue Giant

85” x 85”

Pieced and quilted by Tara Glastonbury, Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Dulwich Hill, New South Wales

Increasingly I'm drawn to making from secondhand or repurposed materials, using fabric we already have in the world, rather than always purchasing new. For some time I had wanted to make a quilt from upcycled jeans. I had in mind a star, and a big star at that, but I struggled to find a block that would work at scale within the limits of a jean-leg width. I finally came across a child's wooden block puzzle that was perfect for turning into this quilt. The quilt is machine pieced, but hand quilted using sashiko thread.

Handwork- 2nd Place

813 Stripe Tease

54” x 58”

Pieced and quilted by Jennifer Emry, Individual member

Arlington, VA

A machine-pieced composition with contrasting gashes of bright reds and whites on read-as-solid neutral fabrics, stripes, and plaids. Hand-quilted spirals add texture.

Handwork- 3rd Place

1216 But, I Tried to Remember

92” x 91”

Pieced and quilted by Heidi Parkes, Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

Milwaukee, WI

This quilt explores the fog of memory with layering techniques and a variety of vintage, inherited, and new fabrics. Hand pieced and hand quilted.

Many of my favorite paintings and collages incorporate a 'ghost,' in the work. Areas where the artist has wiped away, erased, or removed material. I've been searching for a non-violent way to do this in a quilt for years. The knotting, layering, and hand piecing (Jogakbo) techniques evolved naturally from my series, "I Know the Stars are There Beyond the Clouds."

Handwork- 4th Place

787 Get Woke

67” x 72”

Pieced and quilted by Chawne Kimber, Individual member

Easton, PA

Meant to transcend the moment at hand, this quilt is in reaction to and encouragement of the current social awakening in the US.

Improvisation- 1st Place

99 Leftovers #7

61” x 68”

Pieced and quilted by Debra Jalbert, Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

Clermont, Florida

Number seven in a series of quilts made from leftovers fabric. The goal in this piece was to create texture and weight with bulky seams. The blocks vary in both size of the individual pieces and total block size. Center blocks are 2 to 3 inches while outer blocks are 5 to 6 inches. I continued working on this quilt until I ran out of enough fabric.

Improvisation- 2nd Place

83 Neighbors

48” x 44”

Pieced and quilted by Melanie Tuazon, North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild

Livingston, NJ

Neighbors is inspired by the shapes and shadows made by my house's blinds as the light moves through the house each day. I made it during a time when there was a lot of fear in our community, so some blinds are more open than others. Some face other windows while others turn away. While I worked within the structure of a designed block, each block was pieced without precise measurements using a method that had planned and unplanned elements.

Improvisation- 3rd Place

1260 Loon Lake Love

56” x 59”

Pieced by Krista Fleckenstein, Individual member

Quilted by Katey Neher

Anchorage, AK

I created this quilt at the Loon Lake retreat in British Columbia, which is one of the most special events that I am lucky to attend every year. In typical fashion, there was no plan, just fabrics thrown into a suitcase that made me feel good. I pieced the top surrounded by some of my oldest quilting friends, with the help of a borrowed machine and design wall, and hoped for the best. I think it's appropriate that it was created in a place with so much love, and is now the favorite quilt for my loved ones to snuggle up with at home.

Improvisation- 4th Place

1377 Tipping Point

46” x 56”

Pieced and quilted by Marianne Haak, Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild

ST. ALBERT, Alberta

Starting with a box of solid fat quarters, I started playing with some improvisational curved piecing. By adding some different angles the word tipping point came to mind. Things can so easily go one way or the other. It is a reminder that even small actions can make a difference.

Michael Miller Our Yard Challenge- 1st Place

1440 Backyard Chatter

36” x 33”

Pieced and quilted by Sarah Ruiz, Houston Modern Quilt Guild

Houston, TX

The word that popped into my husband's head when looking at this quilt was "chatter." Instantly, I pictured myself in our backyard on a beautiful afternoon enjoying the day and hearing bits of conversation from our kids and neighbors float through the air. This quilt was created by sewing blocks of half square triangles, slicing and shuffling them, and piecing it all back together. It features all five "Our Yard" fabrics provided by the MQG for the challenge and three additional Cotton Couture solids.

Michael Miller Our Yard Challenge- 2nd Place

1028 Casting Shadows

35” x 50”

Pieced and quilted by Paige Alexander, Greenville Modern Quilt Guild

Easley, SC

I added to the challenge by designing a quilt using the Quick Curve Ruler. Each of the hills and valleys were precisely cut from the two challenge fabrics, Cadence and Lime Tree Leaves, and pieced together to form the continual undulating design. The background was pieced from Bright White and Cream so that shadows would be cast in the valleys. Bias tape made from Clementine was applied to the edges of the stripes and the Tree Leaves were appliqued using Aurifil 50 wt. Stripes inspired the quilting path. But the greatest challenges were the pieced binding and the curved edge.

Michael Miller Our Yard Challenge- 3rd Place

555 Our Colorful Orchard

35.5” x 48”

Pieced and quilted by AnnMarie Cowley, Portland Modern Quilt Guild

Hillsboro, OR

My goal was to duplicate the "Our Orchard" piece of fabric. Combining traditional piecing and machine appliqué, the trees create the diagonal lines of the challenge fabric. I used my signature seer sucker quilting.

Michael Miller Our Yard Challenge- 4th Place

1132 Complementary Composition

63” x 69”

Pieced and quilted by Cassandra Beaver, Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild

Urbana, OH

Proportion and color take center stage on this semi-improvisationally piece quilt. Every fabric from the challenge is incorporated into the design of this piece in range of sizes, from 1/8 inch slivers to large blocks. The design is pulled together with the use of a dark and light versions of my favorite complementary color scheme- blue and orange. Linear quilting in a range of angles adds energy to the overall composition.

Minimalist Design- 1st Place

176 Harvest

53” x 60”

Pieced and quilted by Carson Converse, Northampton Modern Quilt Guild

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

I am often inspired by patterns and rhythms found in nature and agriculture. The inspiration for this quilt was corn stubble left in a field after harvest. The repetition of short stocks - each cut to the same height but left askew by the machinery - created a textural field that was both minimal and visually complex.

Each block was cut to size before the lines were added. I used a ruler to guide a permanent marker, but the angle was random ensuring that each block would be slightly different. The speed in which I moved the marker influenced the weight of the lines.

Minimalist Design- 2nd Place

1486 Terrace

61” x 75”

Pieced and quilted by Violet Craft, Portland Modern Quilt Guild

Beaverton, Oregon

Terrace was an experiment in minimalist design and futuristic architecture. Drawn with curved piecing and simple lines, a residential development emerged. It's possible I've been watching too much Star Trek Voyager.

Minimalist Design- 3rd Place

1129 Lateral Ascension

65” x 74”

Pieced and quilted by Cassandra Beaver, Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild

Urbana, OH

While drafting a front elevation of a spiral staircase for a theatre set, I was struck by the elegance of the roughed in shape. The simple horizontal lines draw the eye sideways and upward at the same time. The concept for "Lateral Ascension" was born. The piecing of the quilt creates what would be the treads of a staircase and the quilting stitches emphasize the horizontal lines, while the two color background creates a strong vertical. A mix of machine and large stitch hand quilting are reminiscent of the balance between the hand crafted and machine made.

Minimalist Design- 4th Place

1521 Sliced Circles

60” x 60”

Pieced by Karen Lee, Portland Modern Quilt Guild

Quilted by Christina Lane

Happy Valley, OR

Each block consists of a pieced, inset oval, sliced, with strips shifted and sewn back together to form the appearance of a sliced circle. I chose a neutral, yet interesting background fabric and a subtle print in a bold color to emphasize the deconstructed circle shape.

Modern Traditionalism- 1st Place

474 Color Study H1

70” x 65”

Pieced by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Individual member

Quilted by Shelly Pagliai

New York, NY

As my process changes and evolves, I am now drawn to repetitive intricate piecing. I was fascinated in how the color adds movement and plays with the eye without changing the pattern of the piecing, which has no horizontal or Vertical seams. Perhaps it's my love of puzzles, and color...and fabric... Oh, I really just love it all.

Modern Traditionalism- 2nd Place

711 Grandmother's Life on Mars

65” x 70”

Pieced and quilted by Diana Vandeyar, Individual member

Oakton, VA - Virginia

The "Grandmother's Flower Garden" design is created using my improv hexagon technique. The quilt's name references the BBC TV series "Life on Mars" (which subsequently takes its name from a 1973 David Bowie song). The show is about a British police officer who wakes up in the 1970's after a car accident in 2006. Just like the show, the quilt suggests a return, or time-travel, to the 1970's (… quilting revival, that is!). As a time-traveler your contemporary experiences influence your perspective - in your displacement there is a crash and clash between the past (traditional) and the now (modern).

Modern Traditionalism- 3rd Place

713 Lollipop

44.5” x 45”

Pieced and quilted by Diana Vandeyar, Individual member

Oakton, VA - Virginia

This quilt is a graphic representation of a teeth hurting, sugary bomb, lollipop. When I was making the quilt the song "My Boy Lollipop" would not leave my head. It took me back to a primary school production of the song where we were all required to wear hot-pants and dance around with huge, multicolored lollipops. Citing dental health, my mum did not like the idea of me having a lollipop (although I finally did get one) but she did make me the most amazing velvet hot-pants!

Modern Traditionalism- 4th Place

1194 Lanterne Rouge

54” x 72”

Pieced by Daisy Aschehoug, Individual member

Quilted by Rachel Justus

Oslo, Norway

Lanterne Rouge is based on the traditional Squash Blossom block, and the result of the curves and color palette reminded me of lanterns. The title references the red lantern hung at the end of a train allowing signalmen to know if cars had been lost en route. The "Lantern Rouge" is also an award in a cycling race for the rider who finishes last instead of quitting. I enjoy the way those two images weave related advice to someone finding her way in the world: don't lose (even part of) yourself and never give up.

Piecing- 1st Place

1431 Incidental Collaboration

65” x 72”

Pieced and quilted by Nora Renick Rinehart, Chicago Modern Quilt Guild

Chicago, IL

The Lillstreet Textiles Department uses discarded bedsheets as drop cloths in their print studio. The sheets collect color and images that build up over the years to become an eclectic reflection of the community. I've loved this drop cloth for years so when we pulled it, I snatched it up and decided it needed to be honored. The bold, solid colors of the quilt are directly inspired by the drop cloth; the backing was hand-dyed to match.

Piecing- 2nd Place

929 Mirror Ball

60” x 60”

Pieced and quilted by Maria Shell, Individual member

Anchorage, AK

Mirror Ball is composed of the remains of strip sets that I created for other quilts. I often find my next quilt in the scraps next to the cutting table.

Piecing- 3rd Place

541 Aura

48” x 58”

Pieced by Nydia Kehnle

Quilted by Gina Pina

This quilt has been drafted for a few years just sitting on my computer. I was waiting to find just the right color palette for it. I really wanted a soft pastel feel with pops of dark and bright colors. Aura was foundation paper pieced.

Small Quilts- 1st Place


25” x 33”

Pieced and quilted by Mary Keasler, Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild

Chattanooga, TN

Using the theme of abstracted vistas, I used improvisational piecing methods to create this quilt. I wanted to leave the color floating on neutral to highlight the isolation of a small mountain town somewhere in the world or even in space.

Small Quilts- 2nd Place

1073 Reflection

35” x 35”

Pieced and quilted by Anne Sullivan, Orlando Modern Quilt Guild

Orlando, FL

Reflections was made to invoke reflected light on turbulent water and light growing from darkness. 2017 was a turbulent year and this quilt is my self-reflection on many of the things that have happened.

Small Quilts- 3rd Place

257 Digital Offcuts

36” x 25”

Pieced and quilted by Kathy Thorncraft, Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Homebush, New South Wales, Australia

I was inspired by a photo my colleague took of some digital offcuts. The pattern they formed sparked inspiration for me to create something slightly improv, but a repeated pattern. This is also my first attempt at trapunto.

Small Quilts- 4th Place

789 Bobby Dole's Blue Jeans

33” x 33”

Pieced and quilted by Chawne Kimber, Individual member

Easton, PA

This is a geometric study of the traditional precision-pieced pineapple quilt block, stretched and dilated in white linen-textured cotton and my own deep tonal hand dyed indigos. Configurations of neutral spaces call back to geometric folk imagery.

Use of Negative Space- 1st Place

17 Urban Trek

60” x 72”

Pieced and quilted by Heather Black, Inland Northwest Modern Quilt Guild

Spokane, WA

This quilt was designed to reflect the sights of an urban environment. From crosswalks to stop lights the shapes and textures in the quilt were drawn from the typical trek through downtown. The bright colors of the city stand in contrast to the softer grey and lavender hues. Even the quilting mimics textures and shapes from the city.

Use of Negative Space- 2nd Place

809 Kintsugi VII: Birds in the Air

56” x 68”

Pieced and quilted by Alexis Deise, Boston Modern Quilt Guild

Newton, MA

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with visible seams of precious metal, making the break more prominent instead of disguising it; the "brokenness" of the piece adds to its beauty. In the quilting context, mistakes in measuring and piecing are corrected by inserting a strip of contrasting fabric, emphasizing rather than hiding the errors and imperfections. This quilt's design utilizes a traditional "Birds in the Air" block, but places the block in a modernized, v-shaped setting. The insertion of metallic pieced elements, as well as some contrasting pieced blocks, in the negative space creates an additional sense of movement, breaking up the symmetry and regularity of the composition.

Use of Negative Space- 3rd Place

1243 Sirkel

66” x 88”

Pieced and quilted by Daisy Aschehoug, Individual member

Oslo, Norwary

Walking behind an Oslo grocery store, I saw a 6' tall ironwork circle installed next to the building. It had one set of chevrons pointing towards the top. I loved the series of angles inside huge sweeping curves, and back at home, I played with the shapes digitally until I found an arrangement that felt complete. And yet the final quilt varies slightly from the last digital version because the process of sewing and trimming the quarter circles yielded alternating colors in the squares where the circles touch. This design mixes architectural inspiration and happy accidents.

Use of Negative Space- 4th Place

687 Campfire

66” x 66”

Pieced and quilted by Suzy Williams, Individual member

Oak Park, IL

Taking inspiration from the traditional Log Cabin block, Campfire, creates a symmetrical composition that grows from a central "hearth" square. High contrasting black and white give this design structure while the warm and cool tones add depth and whimsy.

Youth- 1st Place

97 America the Beautiful

45” x 70”

Pieced by Ann Guiam, Individual member

Quilted by Nancy Williams

Antioch, CA

I created this quilt because the mass shootings and terrorism that have occurred during my lifetime have unfortunately led me to question the true beauty of America. These acts of violence have impacted the lives of so many people both directly and indirectly and I hope this quilt will serve to bring awareness to this societal issue and also honor the lives of those who were harmed. The bottom half of the quilt is simultaneously supposed to symbolize the American flag and a classroom because I worry that kids in school are learning to normalize these horrible events because they so frequently.

Youth- 2nd Place


49.6” x 36.5”

Pieced by Kyla Farquharson, Individual member

Quilted by Hanna Farquharson

Saltcoats, Saskatchewan

I am ten years old now. I started designing this quilt when I was eight years old. The quilt I made is called'' Family'' since it's based on my real family. The little, small, grey cat is called ''Whiskers''. The other wolves and cats are my real family. I have a mom and dad, and 3 brothers, and I'm the only daughter. I really hope that you will like my quilt since it took a lot of hard work and patience to make it.

Youth- 3rd Place

755 Perseverance

92” x 88”

Pieced and quilted by Isaac Weise, Individual member

Longmont, Colorado

This is my first quilt and it took me two years to make. I was soooooooo excited to see it all come together. From piecing meaningless color blocks to finally quilting it on a longarm machine, it became something meaningful. Thankfully, my mom helped me with the binding. When it was done, my feeling of accomplishment went OUT THE ROOF! I am super proud of myself! If I hadn't made this quilt, I wouldn't have known what it took to do it. Making this quilt taught me perseverance and how awesome it feels to accomplish things.

Youth- 4th Place

178 Sydney Beauty

59” x 30”

Pieced and quilted by Laurelinda Carota, Sydney Modern Quilt Guild

Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Beauty is my own design, and it was developed and executed for my Year 12 Higher School Certificate Major Project. I enjoyed manipulating and miniaturising the New York Beauty blocks and combining these with the 3 dimensional techniques: hexagons, Suffolk puffs, & crochet for a unique & contempory design. The inspiration is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, New Years Eve fireworks, Art Deco period & a minimalist colour scheme.