Quilt Your Life: Milestone Quilts for Every Moment

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What do you get when you combine quilting with living in a very literal way and create positive feedback loops with your quilt planning? Milestone quilts! Come explore the world of quilts created to mark milestones and see why these quilts are a fun and meaningful solution to joyful sewing in this busy world. Join Kitty Wilkin as she shares her journey through the world of milestone quilts, beginning with the milestone quilt she created for her third child to mark his first year of life, and including many other life events that can be documented through the creation of a quilt—from family adventures to miles run and hiked through the course of a year. Leave feeling inspired and ready to document your days through quilt-making, one attainable goal at a time.

Kitty Wilkin is a stay-at-home mom of three littles, a wife, a sewist of quilts and other beautiful things, a knitter, a gardener, a yogi, and all in all lover of life. With three little kids, Kitty's only sewing time was after bedtime thus her blog the Night Quilter was born. Check out Kitty's latest creative endeavors on her blog nightquilter.com or on Instagram at @nightquilter.