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Quilt Top Short Suit

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This project stands as proof that procrastination doesn't always result in regret. I made this set using a quilt top that was initially supposed to be a lap quilt, made using 16-patch blocks and sew classic linen look fabric JoAnn.  At first, I tried 2-inch squares, but I quickly changed it to 4-inch squares after I completed two patches.  I started the quilt in early July intending to gift it to a friend as a birthday present in early August.  However, between work and other social obligation, the quilt got put on the back burner.  Before I knew it, August was here, and the lap quilt was none existing.  I did what I should have done in July and made my way to a store to buy her a gift, and the quilt top got added to my WIP pile.  I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago to finish, but since my living room could do without another throw blanket, I figured this quilt top would be of more value to me as a garment.  And there you have it, proof that procrastination can yield surprising yet amazing results. 



Initially, I wanted to make the entire outfit from the quilt top, but after I laid out all of the pattern pieces, I realized that it wasn't big enough for both a jacket and short.  I settled on making the shorts entirely from the quilt top and using the quilt top to color block the suit jacket.  Luckily for me, JoAnn still had the red linen-look fabric in stock, so I grabbed another yard for the jacket and got to work.  Since I quilted on my serger, I didn't have to worry about fraying or finishing the quilt seams. 


I used Simplicity 1421 and Vogue 9257 to create this set.  This is my second time making a blazer using 1421, the first time I made View C (with the collar and contrast border).  This blazer is View A.  The only adjustment I made to the pattern was lengthening it by three inches.  View A, as designed, stops a few inches below your waist, but I prefer for my blazer hem to sit at my hip or just past it.  The shorts were made using Vogue 9257, which is rated a "very easy" pattern.  I chose this pattern because I love the loose fit and pleat detail.  I knew it would fit perfectly with my style preference as cooler temps roll in.  For casual weekend socials, I usually wear fitted sweaters, thick tights, and ankle booties, or combat style boots.  


As someone with little experience making pants, I would say that it was a relatively easy project.  To decrease bulk in the seams, I used leftover linen pieces to cut the waistband facing and pocket lining pieces.  This was my first time making shorts and my first pant project with a fly front zipper.  Fortunately, Threads Magazine has an extremely helpful video demonstrating the technique, which helped me tremendously.  I made two adjustments to this pattern for my derriere: increased the back rise and deepened the crotch curve by a 1/2 inch.  I also added a second button to the waistband closure.  With that being said, I find myself happy that I didn't finish the lap quilt in time to be gifted.  I am so excited about this set, and I know I am going to have fun styling it for the next few months.  




Jhasmine is an attorney, pre-law adjunct instructor, and creator of StrictStitchery, a sewing blog. She is mostly self-taught and began her sewing journey with bag making in 2016. While most of her makes are garments these days, you will find that she will occasionally put down the fashion fabric and treat herself by creating a new wallet or purse. In 2017 Jhasmine decided to enter the blogger world and share her makes with the online sewing community, which has allowed her to meet and interact with a diverse group of makers who have helped her further her craft. When she is not working, sewing, or blogging you will usually catch her reading or running.