Quilt Pattern Design in Inkscape

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Inkscape is a free, open source, professional vector graphics editor for Linux, Windows and macOS. Yvonne will walk through the basics needed for using Inkscape for quilt pattern design; from installation, set up, tools, and using fabric swatches for patterning

In her earlier career, Yvonne worked as an aerospace engineer until April 2014 when she radically redesigned her life to focus on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Her company name, Quilting Jetgirl, is a blend of her professional histories and the tagline “Sewing at the Speed of Sound” is a nod to her work on the second privately funded (non-government) vehicle to break the sound barrier. Yvonne is a Quilter, Designer, Tech Editor, and Blogger with a love for monochromatic minimal quilts. She believes that you are creative, the secret to success is to show up, try, learn, modify, and repeat, and we all sew at the speed of sound; sometimes it will sound faster than others.