Quilt Math: Using Modern Fundamentals Tables

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In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Yvonne Fuchs will be sharing an important behind-the-scenes aspect of quilt pattern writing: quilt math. To get things started, we are going to take a look back at the Modern Fundamentals that were shared in 2021. We will discuss how to take the information in them to determine which of the construction methods would be best for the quilt or quilt pattern you are creating.

Whether you're writing patterns for sale or for yourself, you won't want to miss the tips and tricks Yvonne will share in this series!

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Yvonne is a former aerospace engineer turned modern quilter, designer, and technical editor. She was introduced to quilting by her paternal grandmother in high school when her grandmother offered to hand quilt a twin-size quilt to use in her college dorm room if Yvonne made the quilt top. Now, 25 years later, Yvonne has developed a style that bridges her technical background and love of bold color, specializing in transparency color play and bold, geometric designs. Yvonne’s quilts have been featured in numerous national and international magazines, quilt shows, and Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century. She lives on the big island of Hawaii with her husband.

You can follow her creative journey on her blog, www.quiltingjetgirl.com, or on Instagram @quiltingjetgirl.