Quadsville Quilt: October, November, December 2020

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Use four of the Cornered quilt blocks designed by Jamie Siel in a field of negative space to create this fun beginner-friendly quilt reminiscent of a cityscape or town square. 

Don't forget to download the block and the bonus Scattered quilt pattern, available on the Resources page.

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Finished Size: 64" x 64"
Skill Level: Beginner


Jamie Siel is a quilter and high school science teacher living in Houston, TX. Though she loved math and science classes growing up, she was also that creative kid that always had a plethora of projects (and messes) going on at once. She first learned to sew at 7 years old on her grandmother’s 1950s green metal Singer and loved sharing that special sewing time together. After trying out what seemed like every craft genre, she found a love of quilting in her 20s. Jamie is huge fan of big blocks, bright colors, and solid fabrics. She loves to design bold geometric patterns that use simple shapes and combinations that really let the fabrics shine. You can follow her on Instagram at @sewbrainy or check out her blog and patterns at www.sewbrainy.com.