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Guilds often offer members activities to challenge them creatively — practice exercises, thematic projects and new ideas that will allow guild members to grow in both skill level and in their creative practice. To help board members choose projects, this section is separated into activities that require some work by members prior to the guild meeting, and those where there is no expectation that guild members participate. Guild leaders should try and balance the two types of activities — there may be many members who are consumed with busy jobs and families, but would still like to participate in the fellowship and community that being part of a guild offers.


There are a few ways to keep track of your programming activities throughout the year. Some guilds plan out an entire year, while others look at smaller amounts of time. Be sure to balance what activities your guild is doing in a given year. Some leaders have found it useful to have it laid out in a chart, and others use a word document. There are examples of both here: