Porfee Quilt: March 2021

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Flying geese, half-square triangles, and a log cabin construction make this quilt perfect for the beginner to build skills and practice precision.

Finished Size: 50" x 50"

Skill Level: Beginner

Quilt designed by Porfiria Gomez and made by Brenna Riley Gates, both individual members. 



Porfiria Gomez is a native New York who was a former model, dancer and aspiring actress turned quilting enthusiast. She returned to her roots of quilting after she became a mom of three. Growing up in the Bronx she found inspiration from almost everywhere. Living in the Big Apple she always found creative inspiration that guided her quilting. Porfiria is also inspired by her Spanish culture that helps to bring a modern feel to her quilt. Ask her and she would also tell you her mom inspired her the most, sharing stories of quilts from her great grandmother.

Porfiria continues to grow her creative modern quilting using inspiration from her new home borough of Brooklyn. She resides in Brooklyn with her loving husband and three very active boys. These days you can find Porfiria on her sewing machine piecing together a version of a modern quilt design.

Instagram @mrsporfiria