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Having a policies and procedures or guild handbook can be useful to help outline how your guild functions outside of your bylaws. There are many things that you will want your guild board to agree on, and then be able to discuss with your membership.

  • Committees: What types of committees will you have? Are they ad hoc committees or standing subcommittees? How are committee members assigned? How long will committee members serve?
  • Swap and Challenge Guidelines: Are there sign-up requirements? Are there deadlines for swaps? Are things swapped one to one or in a round robin? If you use specific fabric, is a deposit required to receive fabric or does the guild absorb that cost?
  • Door Prize Guidelines: Are there door prizes? How are the winners chosen? How are the door prizes obtained? Are there door prizes at every meeting, quarterly, or another interval?
  • Blog and Social Media Policy: Who can write blog posts or post to social media channels? Do posts go through an approval process prior to publishing? If so, who approves blog posts? How is photography found for blog posts? Are there guidelines around publishing members work?
  • Photography Policy: Do you have a photography release allowing the guild to use photos of members’ work or pictures of individual members in guild promotions?
  • Charity Guidelines: How is a charity chosen? Does the guild do charity work at all? Do you give only to one entity (such as the location where you meet)? Can members recommend charities or run their own charity drives within a guild meeting? Is there a charity committee who evaluates charity projects and approves what the guild will work on?
    • Note: There are no formal guidelines at the international MQG level around how much, if any, of the individual guild’s activity is charity focused.
  • Fundraising Guidelines: Does the guild do fundraising? How is fundraising done? Do you fundraise for your own guild, or do you do fundraisers for outside organizations? Do you hold quilt raffles, or basket raffles? Who can purchase tickets? Are there standard ticket prices? When creating fundraising guidelines, consult with your local gaming authority or local government on plans to hold raffles.
  • Show and Tell Guidelines: What can be shown at show and tell? Can only modern items be shown or are all items welcome? How many times can an item be shown? (Can an item be shown as a quilt-top/flimsy and then shown again when finished?)


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