Phulkari: Then and Now

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Building on Saima Kaur's article ‘Phulkaris: Threads of Memory’ this webinar is an opportunity to understand them through visual examples old and new as well as materials and methods of production. The webinar also explores contemporary trends in India and abroad by sharing case studies of textiles artists, collectors, and small businesses.

**Please note: The recording of this webinar began several minutes into the presentation so the introduction to Phulkari is unfortunately missing. There is still so much of Saima's presentation to enjoy so we wanted to make it available to members in its truncated form. We hope you enjoy it!**

Saima Kaur is an artist and educator specializing in Indian hand embroidery. She has an MA in Museum Studies and worked in the arts and museums sector for ten years before starting her freelance work. She now runs a range of community hand embroidery workshops, delivers talks and workshops on Phulkaris and creates her own artwork inspired by this textile tradition. You can find her work on Instagram @sewsaima or contact her via email