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This online modern quilting community that we’re all a part of has so much to offer!  Last week we talked all about Virtual Quilting Bees and this week, we’ll learn about other ways to join in!   Swaps, challenges, and quilt alongs are all out there, waiting for you to participate in them and have some fun.

Like to stretch yourself but don’t always have new ideas on how to do that?  Join in challenges that people create.  Last year The MQG organized Project Modernand had four structured challenges that modern quilters were able to take part in.  The results were beautiful!  Here’s an example of a quilt that was one of the winners of Challenge 4, The Find Your Own Voice Challenge.

"Two Headed Boy" by Andrew Montejo - composite photo of front and back of quilt


Or maybe you love getting something special in the mail?  There are so many swaps to take part in.  People are busy sewing each other up wonderful gifts all over the world.  The Doll Quilt Swap is just one example of a reoccurring and successful swap.

Or maybe you don’t enjoy deadlines, but you want to feel a sense of camaraderie with your sewing.  A quilt along is just for you!  You can join in whenever you want.  All you have to do is make a specific quilt, along with other people!  Flickr groups create conversation and community while everyone works away at their version of a pattern.

There was a point in time when every Modern Quilt Guild probably saw a version of Elizabeth’s Mod Sampler at their show and tells.  There were so many beautiful versions of it made!

So we hope that this week’s featured quilts inspire you to jump in and participate in all there is out there in this active online modern quilting community!

Featured Quilt 1

The first quilt featured this week is by Nicole Bontemps and this is the quilt she made for the LAMQG’s Habitat Challenge.

Nicole was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for us.

What do you like best about a quilt challenge?
It’s fun to know that a whole group of us are working on a common project –  I was really looking forward to seeing what everyone else did. We were given the Habitat fabric, which I’d wanted to buy anyway, so I was thrilled!  What’s not to love about that? Challenges are an opportunity to work on a project you might not otherwise have taken on.

What do you think makes this quilt modern?
First of all the fabric. Jay McCarroll’s Habitat line is the most innovative quilting fabric I have ever seen. Traditional patterns done using it become modern. I actually got my inspiration for the front design from the pixilated flower print. Then, I decided to replicate the random angled lines from other prints in my quilting. I think the palette of solids I chose to pair Habitat with are also modern. Finally, I think it’s the freedom of expression. Approaching quilting more like collage or painting.  Not being restricted by rules and patterns. I thought about Gees Bend and abstract painting as I worked on this piece.

Tell us more about yourself as a quilter.
I am relatively new to quilting. The quilts of Gees Bend sparked my interest in quilting some years ago.  Before that, the idea of quilting was not appealing to me. I didn’t get started quilting until 2009, though, shortly after my second daughter was born. A group of us quilt curious mom’s started meeting together to try it out. We’d pick a square, work on it independently and meet again over wine and share. Eventually, I had a sampler. It was through that tiny group that I first heard of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild, which was brand new at the time. Last year I joined the Bee Happy Bee, which has been a fantastic experience! Like the guild challenges, it fosters a creative community and pushes me to experiment. I really love improv quilting and I’m so happy that I finally dove in and did it.  I’m not blogging, but I can be found on flickr .