Organic Diamond Block, July, August, September 2019

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Our latest Block Study design is Organic Diamonds by Hannah Haberkern, a member of the Washington DC MQG. This block is a beginner-friendly paper piecing design with lots of versatility and potential. Don't forget to see the bonus quilts made with this block — the Breeze and Pinwheel quilts, available on the Resources page.

Members, log in to download the PDF below, and share you work on Instagram using the hashtag #mqgblockstudy and #showusyourmqg!

Hannah grew up in Germany and learned how to sew from her mother and grandmother. Many of her favorite childhood memories evolve around designing and sewing garments, yet for a while she lost touch with sewing and focused on other interests, such as her work as a neurobiologist. Recently, after a prolonged period of sickness, she rediscovered sewing as a compensatory activity to research. She then stumbled across and instantly fell in love with modern quilting, which opened up a new world of playing with graphic design and fabrics. You can see more of Hannah’s sewing adventures on her blog and on Instagram @verdigrissewing.