Oblique, February 2017

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By Diana Vandeyar, Individual MQG Member

"This quilt is all about color interaction - and I love dramatic color juxtapositions. There are nine 20" x 20" blocks. The Oblique block units (A and B) are easy to construct with a paper-piecing technique. This quilt has a ½" binding which looks great on a modern quilt. The quilting design is a simple ½" parallel stitching in a large arc to balance the angular piecing. This is a very forgiving pattern, there are no matching seams within the blocks. Paper-piecing basics are required but otherwise a very straight forward pattern which creates a striking design.

This quilt was so much fun to make and I hope you enjoy it too." –Diana Vandeyar


Diana Vandeyar is originally from Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in Virginia, USA (via Italy, Belgium, Thailand and South Africa). Sewing and painting have always been Diana's lifelong passions, and she only started quilting in 2005. To her, all styles of quilting are exciting and beautiful — traditional, art and everything in between. Working in the EQ7 design software, she gets to create more quilts than she will ever be able to make in one lifetime.