The Nonconformist, April 2017

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"The Nonconformist quilt block is a take on the classic Winged block. It demonstrates how a traditional pattern can be tweaked to create a very interesting modern quilt. The Modern Quilt Guild has long tried to socialize and bridge the gap between traditional and modern quilting. This quilt embodies the idea that traditional can be made modern again by merely pushing the boundaries of our perception of classic traditional building blocks." –Rachel Singh
Quilted by Dionne-Mathies-Buban IG:@dinglebobbins


Rachel Singh is a software engineer by profession and has spent over a decade building trading and risk systems for investment banks. She started quilting about six years ago as a hobby to escape daily work stress and hasn't looked back since. She loves experimenting with different styles and techniques, and over the years has created an eclectic mix of quilts. She particularly loves making quilts for friends and family. She is grateful for a very supportive and talented quilting community that she derives great inspiration from and that cheers on her accomplishments, no matter how small.

The Modern Quilt Guild’s mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education and community. Copyright © 2017 by Rachel Singh. Used with permission by the Modern Quilt Guild. All rights reserved. This pattern or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, sold, commercialized or distributed in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Rachel Singh.