No rulers, No rules: Creating Cohesive Improv Quilts Without a Plan

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Wondering how to create a truly improvised quilt that looks cohesive in the end? Shelagh (pronounced Shay-la) Jessop from Stuart Moores Textiles breaks down and outlines her process in easy to follow steps, to help you create beautiful improvised quilts without a plan, a ruler, a rotary cutter, or much else. She will share ideas for in-process designing, turning ‘mistakes’ into design elements, how to fix common problems that occur when you aren’t using precise measurements, and a whole lot more.

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Stuart Moores Textiles is the creation of American textile artist Shelagh Jessop (pronounced Shay-la). Named for the person her mentor/grandfather admired most in the world, his father, Stuart Moores Jessop.   

Shelagh has a BFA in Textile Design from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. She has worked in an opera costume shop in the Midwest, at a theatrical production company in Shanghai, an art museum in Texas, a primary school in Australia and currently as a full time artist in France.