#MQGKeepCalmandSewOn No. 06: Character Improv Quilt Piecing

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While some makers approach improv from a very unplanned and organic starting point, character improv allows you the opportunity to incorporate some control and planning throughout the process. 

Melanie Tuazon is a quilter and fiber artist whose process includes a spectrum of improvisation. She enjoys incorporating planned and unplanned design elements and techniques, which repeatedly uses curves, skinny piecing, and occasional handwork. Much of her work explores how modern domesticity, feminism and identity intersect within the context of quilt tradition. Before she started quilting in 2011 she was a journalist who wrote about creative people for trade magazines. After becoming a mother she was drawn to her own creative practice and the modern quilting community. She was president of the North Jersey MQG from 2013 to 2015. Her quilts have shown and won ribbons at Houston Quilt Festival and QuiltCon, where she also taught in 2018 and 2019. IG: @melanie.tuazon