Moulinets Quilt, January 2020

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Moulinets is a fun, quick quilt to make from 9 double pinwheel blocks. Pinwheel toys symbolize the ability to turn your luck around. These blocks are just what you need to bring good fortune to you or to someone you love!


Angee Turner is a quilt designer, quilt maker, and teacher from St. Louis. Her inspiration comes from life experience, art, architecture, and history. Her design aesthetic is influenced by engineering and mathematics. Angee has been sewing since childhood and initially began quilting over 20 years ago in order to replicate one of the childhood quilts made for her by her paternal grandmother. For her, making a quilt is a metaphor for life – you take all the pieces life gives you and try to make something beautiful. Today her quilts hang on walls and lay on beds in private collections across the country.