Modern Quilts from My Grandmothers

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In this webinar, Sarah Bond will discuss part quilt history, part family history and part Modern Quilt inspiration. Jane Arthur Bond was born a slave in 1828 in Kentucky. Louvinia Clarkson Cleckley was born a slave in 1858 in South Carolina. Anna Gibson Bond was born in 1869. Ruth Clement Bond was born in 1904. What do these women, some born more than a century ago, have to do with Modern Quilts? All of them made and/or designed quilts. All of them took ownership of their lives and their creativity. All of them have provided enormous inspiration for Sarah Bond in her life and in her quilts. Join Sarah to see how these women and their work are woven into the fabric of her quilts and how her “grandmothers” are a part of every modern quilt she makes today.

Sarah Bond comes from a family of quiltmakers stretching back to the early nineteenth century. She has been quilting since her early twenties and loves immersing herself in quilts and quilt books, looking for new ideas. She is obsessed with shape, pattern and color and while her inspirations are often classic and traditional, she renders her own work with a modern or contemporary flair. She loves nothing better than being in a room full of quilters because the creativity that is generated is so intoxicating. Her mission when teaching is to break quilts down to their components to demystify them so that students can master those components, bend them to their will and design their own masterpieces. Sarah grew up in Chicago but now lives in Philadelphia with her family and three cats.