Modern Fundamentals: Half-Rectangle Triangle Blocks

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Have you conquered half-square triangles? If so, you’re ready to meet its more sophisticated cousin: the half-rectangle triangle!

In each issue of the MQG Journal this year, Sarah Ruiz will teach us a Modern Fundamental of quilting. In this issue, we will explore how to make Half-Rectangle Triangle Blocks. This article focuses on the commonly used 1:2 ratio, where the half-rectangle triangle is twice as tall as it is wide. You can apply these construction methods to make HRTs with other aspect ratios, but you may need to change the dimensions of the starting rectangles.

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Sarah Ruiz is a quilter and aerospace engineer from Houston, TX. Her creative and technical sides have always been intertwined, from drawing Disney characters and memorizing constellations as a kid to taking humans back to the moon and dreaming up new quilts today. Quilting perfectly combines her engineering and artistic mindsets, and she loves the puzzle-solving required to turn an idea into reality. Her quilts feature bright colors, bold lines, and graphic shapes that are easy to make but pack a visual punch.