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Mod Z, December 2016

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Creating movement in a quilt can be as simple as arranging elements to lead the eye around or across a quilt. We can do this with elements arranged within negative space, or by using a variety of block sizes to draw attention to different areas of the quilt. We can also use the same repeating block to create areas of interest that form dynamic quilt designs. This month, we’re creating movement with a block designed by Lori Miller of the Detroit Area MQG called the Mod Z block.

Corner Arrows

This quilt features four arrows in the corners that have been cropped so they bleed off the page. This invites the viewer to create the missing piece of the arrow in their mind, and because the arrows move outward in four directions from the center, the eye moves to each corner and beyond.

Four Fancy Stars

The movement in this design is confined to the center of the quilt by the use of negative-space borders. The elements move from the inside out, ending with arrows that lead the eye toward the edge of the quilt. The gray diamonds in the middle also help create movement between blocks.

Two Stars

This quilt uses repeating blocks in a row to lead the eye away from the focal point (the two stars), toward the edge of the quilt.

Wiggle (two color)

This simple quilt uses a traditional grid and block pattern, but the elements within the block form a secondary pattern that leads the eye down and across the quilt.

Wiggle (three color)

Like the two-color version, the block creates secondary elements that create movement. But the additional color creates sections of white and green that run left to right — counter to the black elements that run right to left. This creates a push-pull dynamic that keeps the eye moving.

Zig Zag

In this quilt, the viewers eye is drawn strongly down the quilt due to the gray diamonds and gray and orange diagonal elements within the block.

The last three quilt designs all feature traditional grid layouts, but changing the color and direction of the blocks can create drastically different quilts that create movement and interest. 

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