Messages and Motifs with Chawne Kimber, Fresh Quilting 105

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On this episode of Fresh Quilting, Chawne Kimber uses raw-edge appliqué to create quilts with themes of social justice. Then, quilt guild activist Katie Jones-Burford offers tips for planning a quilt show on a shoestring budget. Finally, Rebecca Kemp Brent shows off a modern feather design for an updated whole cloth quilting look.

Fresh Quilting segments: Season 1, Episode 5


Chawne Kimber is an award-winning textile artist who has exhibited quilts and embroidered works in art galleries and at festivals across the United States. She prefers precision improv and handwork in quilting and is often found sewing smaller and smaller. When not manipulating cotton, Chawne is a professor of mathematics at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast.

Katie Jones-Burford is a tall, innovative, loud, and awkward Midwesterner. She documents life. She takes photos. She quilts. She makes. She cultivates relationships. She’s married a bacon loving, vintage baseball playing bearded ginger named Dustin. She’s the mother of two toddlers who contribute daily magic and chaos to her life. She’s a board member and founder of the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild.

Rebecca Kemp Brent grew up around the textile mills of the deep South, and developed a love of needlework and crafts early on. She has studied clothing and textiles in an academic environment, and worked in the varied worlds of theatre and mass-market manufacturing. Her writing has appeared in newspapers and many magazines, including Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew News. A resident of Oak Ridge, TN, Rebecca enjoys teaching, writing, and designing for both embroidery and sewing enthusiasts. She enjoys sewing on Brother machines, using and promoting Schmetz needles as a member of their Designer Portfolio, and working with a variety of creative software, including PE Design, Creative DRAWings, and Kaleidoscope Kreator. Visit her website (always under construction!) at