Lucky Cuff, December 2016

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"This quilt is inspired by colorwork knitting patterns and my childhood love of Lucky Charms cereal. Being a knitter as well as a quilter, I enjoy the correlation between knitted and quilted rows. In knitting, we always have the restriction of the row, and it's interesting to observe how knitters have worked with that restriction and to translate it into quilting.

I designed this quilt as an exercise in making a row quilt with traditional block shapes as the row units. What I learned, and what I think it demonstrates well, is how pieces of a quilt can listen to each other. The dark negative space between rows is active, sometimes welcoming the next row in, sometimes making room, and sometimes forming a secondary shape." – Dorie Schwarz

Dorie Schwarz is a quilter, sewist, knitter, and general appreciator of needlework. She started keeping a craft blog at, and since then, the online craft world has been a million positive things to her. She lives in Michigan with her family and works in software.