In Loving Memory of Susanne Woods

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On February 19th, 2020 we lost a beloved member of the Modern Quilt Guild family. Susanne Woods passed away after a battle with cancer at just 47 years old. She was a strong, outspoken woman who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to grow the quilting and crafting community. She supported and mentored countless quilters and makers, and created a company that pioneered equitable treatment of artists and designers. 

Susanne’s knowledge, intelligence, drive, and amazing ideas lifted up quilter after quilter as they became authors, teachers, and leaders in the community that she loved so much. Susanne discovered and nurtured talent. The authors she acquired and the books they created are part of her legacy in the community. After working for other publishing houses and at Craftsy, Susanne launched her own publishing company, Lucky Spool Media. She was a trailblazer and a force to be reckoned with.

Susanne was an early advocate for and leader of the MQG. She gave advice from the start in 2009 and she served on the MQG Board of Directors for six years, from 2012 through 2018. Following her term, she continued to serve on the MQG Advisory Board, continually serving as a source of advice and wisdom for the organization. Her knowledge of the quilting and crafting industry ran deep, and she was always open to and seeking new, transformative, and inspiring ideas and projects. She founded her local guild and her fellow members benefitted from Susanne's welcoming smile, genuine laughter, and encouraging words. She treasured the friendships she made in that group.

Susanne gave her time year after year working on the QuiltCon crew. If you have purchased a piece of merchandise or had a quilt hanging in the show at QuiltCon, there's a good chance she helped you at the cash register or had a hand on your quilt as it was being hung. She loved being a part of the show, volunteering countless hours at many QuiltCons. Susanne shared input thoughtfully and strategically, never making it about herself. For Susanne it was about joining with and lifting up this community of modern quilters and makers. 

The MQG's staff, Board, and membership join together in mourning the loss of our dear friend and colleague. We send love and support to her husband, sons, and family. 

We hope that today as you sit down to sew at your machine, hold up a fellow guild member's quilt at a meeting, or post a kind comment on someone's work online, you might think of her, continue making your beautiful art, and share it with the world. That’s what she would have wanted us all to do to honor her life, her work, and her commitment to the community.