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Having a presence at community events can be a great way to find other like-minded individuals who may not have known to look you up originally. Craft fairs, festivals, historical society events, and “first Friday” art events are great ways to get your group out there.

As a non-profit you may be eligible for discounted (or even waived) fees at community events. Check with your local chamber of commerce or guild members involved with events in the community, and have members recommend events that they may be interested attending, or have gone to previously.


These types of events can function as a fundraiser for the guild as well. Check and see if the event allows sales. If so, it may be possible for members to sell their quilted items at these events, allowing the guild to charge a fee from the sales, or better yet, members could donate small quilted items for the guild to sell.

If you have a national quilt show/expo that comes to your area, contact the management of the show and see if they would be interested in having a guild exhibit in their shows or are looking for individuals to do special exhibits. 



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