Junior Guild Makes Quilt for #SoaringEagles

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By members of the Junior MQG of Broward County

To tell you a little about ourselves, we are a high school class that is taught on four levels. During our level three course we learn and execute the basics in piecing, quilting and design that goes into making a finished quilt. Some of us love quilting so much that we want to strive to better our skills and get our work out to the world, so we joined the Junior Modern Quilt Guild of Broward County. Mrs. Goodman, our fashion teacher and guild leader, takes over the mentoring of our skills and sends our quilts to QuiltCon and other junior division competitions. She has also taken us to Austin, Los Angeles and Savannah to the different QuiltCons, in which we have taken classes and competed.


On Valentine's Day, we went through the day here in Coral Springs like any other day. The only thing that was different was you had red, pink and heart shaped balloons everywhere, with students hopped up on sugar and making sure everyone felt the love, to which we ended our day and went home. While this time is typically used to walk, ride or drive home, we read on social media and watched on the news the horrific crime that our sister school had on the day that is for honoring love.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school is exactly 5.3 miles from our high school. We have grown up, played sports, gone to dances, dated and had long standing sports rivals with these students. To have something so close to us happen like this we couldn’t even imagine. All of us at J.P. Taravella High School instantly thought what if this could happen to us? What do we do? How do we help? Why? Why? Why?

Being part of The Modern Quilt Guild as a junior guild, we went back to events other groups have encountered and how they handled these times of sorrow and learned how they coped and pushed through to better times. We came up with “Our” way to give back to the community that we are a part of and live in — “let’s make something with fabric." We decided to make the school a mascot quilt with a large eagle in the center and the hashtag #MSDStrong. It's a very classic looking quilt with a bold yet not-in-your-face meaning that could be hung in the school yet not bring up the pain each time you look at it. On the back of the quilt will be all the name of the lives we have lost and sponsors that helped make this quilt possible. For the victim’s family’s and loved ones we would like to give quillows and pillows they can hug or wrap up for when times are not so good.


We will make about 40-50 of these quillows and pillows, but just one of the mascot quilts. So far, a lot of companies have come to our aid and have sent us fabric to create these items. What do we need help with? Thread, batting, finished quilts, finished pillows, and fiberfill. Remember we are Junior Modern Quilt Guild members and we are students still learning, so be kind with your words. Understand our first job is to go to school, and our second is to be children even though we want to be grownups. We want to feel safe in school. We want to be remembered. We want to know we have the support of everyone around us. We want everyone to know that these quilts are not just to remember everyone who lost their lives, but to know that they are going to someone who has lost a loved one. In this project #soaringeagles we hope to find comfort and closure to this tragic event.


To get in contact with us:

Junior Modern Quilt Guild of Broward County
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