Jamdani Quilt: November 2020

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Rachel Singh has been making a series of quilts inspired by the motifs of woven fabric made on handlooms in South Asia. This quilt is inspired by the ancient textile weaving tradition "Jamdani" which is a labor-intensive process used to create some of the finest variety of muslin cloths. With this quilt design, Rachel shines the spotlight on an art form which is rapidly disappearing as humans are replaced by machines and those weavers move to cities to pursue more lucrative careers. 

Finished Size: 71" x77"
Skill Level: Intermediate

Rachel Singh is a software engineer by profession and has spent over a decade building distributed enterprise systems. She started quilting about ten years ago as a hobby to escape daily work stress and hasn't looked back since. She loves experimenting with different styles and techniques, and over the years has created an eclectic mix of quilts. She particularly loves making quilts for friends and family. She is grateful for a very supportive and talented quilting community that she derives great inspiration from and that cheers on her accomplishments, no matter how small.

See more of Rachel's work on Instagram at @liketosew.