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Hipster Wallet

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The Hipster Wallet can be made as a wallet or a convertible hip bag. Wear it around your waist, across your body, or remove the strap and clip it directly to your belt loops. Large enough to carry most phones but compact enough to easily carry all the essentials hands free.

Megan White Callahan is a quilter, technical editor, and freelance graphic designer working from her home in central California. Her interest in sewing began in her 7th grade home economics class with a very ill-fitting pair of shorts and a small army of scrunchies. She transitioned to quilting in high school and has been honing her quilting and bag making skills ever since. In a past life she utilized her undergraduate degree in English Literature by perhaps serving you coffee at a Starbucks in the Greater Seattle or Portland area.

When she is not sewing or working in front of the computer, Megan spends her time cooking, baking, or enjoying the outdoors with her husband and twin daughters as well as a small menagerie of pets. Find her on Instagram at wholalacrafts.