The Hallmarks of Modern Machine Quilting

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Join Christa Watson for an informative webinar presentation full of examples demonstrating how the the modern aesthetic applies to the machine quilting process. Learn how negative space, minimalism, graphic geometry, improvisation and other hallmarks of the modern aesthetic can be incorporated into your machine quilting work. Christa will also explain why many modern quilters choose to employ an abundance of straight line and "industrial looking" designs rather than quilting overly ornate and perfectly symmetrical motifs.

Christa Watson is designer, teacher, maker, and author of two books: "Machine Quilting With Style" and "The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting" (co-authored with Angela Walters). She’s a cheerleader for modern quilting and loves to encourage others to quilt their own quilts, no matter what type of machine they own. After stumbling around for 20 years, trying to discover her “voice” in the quilting community, she finally found her niche within the modern aesthetic. You can see her work at and follow her on Instagram @christaquilts.

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