Get to Know Moda Fabrics!

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This article was written by Moda Fabrics, one of our amazing Business Members. Business Members support the MQG year-round and make it possible to provide great benefits to MQG members and guilds.


Moda Fabrics. Are you ready for 2019? We are! We’ve got so many exciting new ideas, fabrics and adventures in the works that we’re ready to burst at the seams.  

Some of you might know that this company started as United Notions in 1975 because Mark Dunn wanted to run his own business. After ten years of distributing notions and supplies, he created a design department, and Moda Fabrics was launched. For more than forty years, the company has taken the risks and broken the boundaries necessary to establish itself as a leader in the industry.

One of the guiding principles has been commitment — to finding the best, most original artists and designers, to creating and producing the highest quality goods and products, and to supporting independent retailers.

Our designers come to Moda with different backgrounds and skills. There are the artists who draw, draft and paint the artwork for their fabrics, and there are highly trained graphic artists who create their magic on computers. Others use a mix of those techniques while riffing off vintage fabrics. This diversity of ideas and styles makes it easy for us to say “there’s a Moda for that.”

As for the rest of the team, we’re a smaller company that you might guess with fewer than fifty people in the Dallas offices and warehouses. Everyone in the company wears several hats — CFO one day, booth builder the next. Whether it’s at Quilt Market, counting bolts for inventory or the day-to-day operations, everybody in the company plays a part in making it all happen.