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What does it take to create a digital quilting magazine these days? You need an Editor with an obsessive eye for detail and an unlimited supply of chocolate; a Creative Director with awesome computer design skills and a love of rainbow; a Business Manager to make all the behind-the-scenes magic happen as well as creating artisan sourdough; and a Social Media Manager who knows all about algorithms and can spot a cute Aussie animal at 100 paces. And let’s not forget a support team of columnists, feature writers and project contributors from all over the modern quilting world. 

Issue 41

A staple of the modern quilting publishing world since we conceived it in the quilt group parking lot in 2014 (true story!), Make Modern is the baby of a small team of modern quilters who decided that it wasn’t enough to just obsess over quilting in our own homes, we wanted to share it with the world. Based in Australia, we produce each issue of the magazine from our home offices, with staff and contributors located in nearly every state of Australia. We’re so grateful to the digital publishing world that we’re able to be truly international – we have contributors from all over the world, and our readers reside in over 70 countries! With every issue of Make Modern ever published available for instant download at the click of a button, we’re completely accessible, 24/7, worldwide. 

Issue 36

Each issue of Make Modern begins with project patterns sent in by our team of fab contributors. We balance making, with learning, with a mixture of feature articles and regular columns, and we chat to different makers each issue because there’s nothing we love more than meeting other quilters. Our Editor, Jane, edits all the projects and features, while also writing articles. Then our Creative Director, Kristy, gets her hands on the raw material and turns it into a beautiful magazine. All the while, Lara, our Business Manager, is keeping everyone organised and everything running smoothly behind the scenes. And our Social Media Manager, Nic, keeps everyone up to date on IG, FB and Pinterest. We’re truly privileged to be able to talk quilting as our day jobs, and appreciate our thousands of readers who make this happen. 


Team photo from left: Kristy Lea, Lara Motta, Nic Vaughan & Jane Kelly