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This article was written by Christine Ricks and Amy Ellis of Curated Quilts.

Curated Quilts started as a two-woman operation in 2017. Christine Ricks and Amy Ellis. We had been meeting for lunch every other month or so, both working from home and living about 45 minutes apart. Our lunches together turned into brainstorming sessions - How can we represent modern quilting in a meaningful way? Our backgrounds pointed us toward publishing and we haven't looked back.


Together we love to highlight up and coming artists in the quilting community and showcase what's being done that is unique and inspiring. Each Curated Quilts issue has a theme, think triangles, and Log Cabin quilts. Or quilts with curves or stars. 


We start with a simple theme and then collect from the modern quilt community a gallery of 20 quilts, with an artist statement and basic quilt information. Every issue also has a look at the history of the theme, and two more articles about how you might update or create your unique quilt within the theme. We also include a Creative Reset, a small project or mindset shift to jumpstart your creativity. And a Trending article, we love to pinpoint trends and share them with you. Three original patterns are included in each issue as well. These patterns always work within the theme and have complete instructions. Our Mini Quilt Challenge has been a highlight for many readers, as it is their first opportunity to be published in many cases. 

In the months prior to an issue we share a color palette and idea and ask for submissions. This is a fun way to try a new color palette or style of piecing in some cases, and the resulting gallery of mini quilts is always exciting. Our journals are full of focused content. No ads, ever. All quilts, all the time. 


Amy & Christine