Generative Design in Quilting: An Introduction

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November 15, 2017
9pm EST, 6pm PST

Generative design is a fascinating cross between art and science, and we are starting to see applications of it in quilting. This webinar will introduce the concept of generative design and how it can be used to influence your design process. Mary will walk you through how to edit a source code that was used to create the defrag quilt pattern, so that you can play and create your own version of defrag!

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Mary Thomas is a domestic engineer living just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, chasing two little boys during the day, and sneaking in all her projects while they sleep. She has enjoyed working with her husband, Sean, a computer scientist, on generated quilt designs, as this is a place where they can share their passions. When she isn’t sewing quilts, she also enjoys making garments, building furniture, and remodeling their 1950s rowhouse. You can follow her projects on instagram at @makergonnamake.