Freedom from Perfection & Procrastination

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Try to make your work perfect? Work on projects at the last minute? Feel like your work is not good enough? Stop procrastinating and start doing — today! Procrastination and perfection are closely linked, and once you unlock the connection you can learn how to be free and move projects forward. Amy Marson, publisher at C&T Publishing, leads this creative webinar.

Amy Marson’s career in publishing and business management spans more than two decades. Marson lives her life in a mode of inquiry always eager to learn something new or look for possibilities. As the Publisher of C&T Publishing, she has a strong background in business management, strategic planning, sales, marketing, and leadership. Marson’s recent achievements include the acquisition of Kansas City Star Quilts and Quilt with Marci Baker. Marson has recently published a business management book for small businesses, "Seven Management Strategies for Success," published by FabShop Network. Marson is an avid quilter and sewist, and she also loves to read, practice yoga, garden and spend time with her family.

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