Fabric Design for Quilters: A Crash Course

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June 14, 2017

9pm EDT, 6pm PDT


Whether you'd like to design your own fabrics, want to know how to choose fabrics to make your quilt projects more successful, it helps to know about the fundamentals of fabric print design. This webinar will walk you through different print types, how prints and collections are created for the retail trade, and ways you can get started with print design. It will also touch on current trends in the modern quilting fabric industry. 


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Kimberly Kight was the founder of the blog True Up, which helped  the sewing community stay informed of new fabrics and trends. She is the author of A Field Guide to Fabric Design (Stash Books, 2011) and one of the founding designers of Cotton + Steel Fabrics. She draws from her collection of quirky vintage fabrics in creating her collections.