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Design What You Know

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Design What You Know: Finding Inspiration in Your Own History. In this webinar, Melissa will encourage viewers to look into their own family histories to discover design inspiration. We will explore areas where one can look for motifs and ideas: weavings, pottery, folk art, stories, common sayings, showing examples from all and how they’ve been incorporated into modern designs. We will also cover the idea of cultural appropriation- what it means and how it applies to modern quilt design. We will discuss responsible and respectful ways to draw inspiration. Viewers will walk away with tools to explore their own histories, motivation to incorporate what they find into their design process, and a sense of respect and homage to the art that has shaped their histories.

Melissa de Leon Mason is a modern quilt designer inspired by the colors and experiences of growing up Latina in the borderlands. She has lived all over the world and is especially intrigued by the intersection of cultural identity and art. She enjoys playing with color and movement and is quickly bored by repetition.

Among her other passions are being a mother of four, a news junkie, a Pearl Jam superfan, an oral historian, and co-founder of a nonprofit helping locally resettled refugees thrive. She is also currently a reluctant homeschooler.