Design Process: From the Initial Spark to the Finished Quilt

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Join Tara for a webinar all about the process of design. She’ll share her process of taking an idea and developing it into a cohesive modern quilt — and how she resolves a design if things hit a wall. She'll also share how she handles creative ruts and, most recently, how she saw through a rut rather than fight it.

Tara Faughnan is a professional freelance textile designer and quilter living and working in Oakland, CA. She started to quilt around 2001 and along the way, her love of quilting led to school and a career in textile design, with clients including Michael Miller Fabrics and Pottery Barn Kids. Tara draws inspiration from the simple bold geometry of antique quilts, the gorgeous bright colors of textiles from around the world, and the freedom and spontaneity found in unconventional quilts. She uses simple geometry, complex color interaction and always strives to find the line that exists somewhere between harmony and discord.